The Struggles of Adulthood

  1. College didn’t teach you to take over the world.
  2. Your parents can’t trust you to live alone in this cold harsh world.
  3. Taking criticisms from loved ones with no hard feelings. When-She-Whips-Out-Her-Victim-Card-So-Hard
  4. Learning how to follow the recipes carefully without burning your house. lol
  5. You still struggle to wake up on time after setting three alarms.waking-up
  6. Maintaining your health to avoid visiting your doctor. tumblr_nwqxk9lO0L1uic0joo2_540
  7. Saving your money without indulging in shopping spree. greatest-office-gifs-michael-scott-bankruptcy
  8. Going on a blind date in order to get married (because your parents said so).  giphy_549
  9. Showing off your body to your partner/best friend. tumblr_lp1888perc1r0c8lho1_500
  10. Becoming a parent.  rontenor
  11. Trying your best to smile while you’re dealing with angry clients at work. Creed creep
  12. Socializing with real people rather than in social media. tumblr_inline_msi34ySHqB1qz4rgp
  13. You still can’t figure out who you are and what you want to do in life. tenor



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