Lost in California

On the evening of July 2011, I arrived in San Jose, CA from Honolulu, Hawaii to start my freshman year at San Jose State University. The 50 degree cold weather made my whole body SHIVER ME TIMBERS! It is common for Hawaii residents to easily shiver in a temperature below 75 degrees since they live in summer weather everyday. When you see someone wearing layers of sweaters and a blanket like one giant spam musubi, you, my friend, have met a Hawaii resident or a Jamaican from Cool Runnings. The first time I entered SJSU, I felt like a lost chihuahua standing on the sidewalk in a big city. I had no connections and goals yet. None of my high school friends can afford to live in another state because it was financially and environmentally challenging for them. Most of the Mainland students I have met were highly educated than me since they have parents and siblings with Bachelors or PhDs. My parents had never been to college and earned at least an Associate’s degree. Therefore, I had to rely on Internet and myself for college advice. This was the beginning of my journey in the Bay Area. My mission was to make new friends as an introvert while commuting between East Bay and San Jose in a bipolar climate in the next five years. May 2016.


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